Iris is not just another framework


  • Strong object oriented coding and file system organization
  • Presenter-View-Resource pattern
  • Easy and fast templating engine
  • One page navigation using Hash-URL
  • 100% Client multilanguage support
  • Crossbrowser: Chrome, Firefox e Internet Explorer
  • Light and fast: 18 KB
  • Open source: New BSD License
This is an example of a

Todo App

using Iris
With a Todo App you can add tasks and check them when completed.

Todo App

Preparing the enviroment

The first step is to create an index.html page and an init.js script

Let's start with the index.html page

The init.js script

The Welcome Screen

The template of Welcome Screen (welcome.html)

The presenter of Welcome Screen (welcome.js)

Adding a Todo Item UI

At the next few steps we are going to explain how to add a Todo Item.

Let's start with the Todo Item UI template

The Todo Item UI presenter (todo_item.js)

Creating a Todo Item

Checking Todo Items

At these few steps we are going to explain how to check/uncheck Todo Items.

Checking/Unchecking a single Todo Item

Checking/Unchecking all Todo Items

Deleting Todo Items

At this step we are going to explain how to delete Todo Items.

Deleting a single Todo Item

Deleting all completed Todo Items

Editing a Todo Item

Filtering todos